What is Peer Support?

Peer support refers to support from a person who has acquired knowledge based their own experience, and draws from that experience when interacting with others in a supportive setting.

Connecting with another person who has lived through a similar life-changing event can be a vital link for someone struggling with their own situation. A supportive peer can model hope, encourage healing, and help others integrate their new life circumstances. Peer support is based on key principles of respect, connection, mutual agreement, and empathy.

Empty Arms and our team of dedicated volunteers play a vital part in providing support to anyone in Saskatoon and area who has been affected by pregnancy and/or infant loss.


1-on-1 Peer Support Volunteer

Are you a bereaved parent or grandparent and feel that you would like to be there for someone who is journeying down a path similar to yours? Volunteers are connected one-on-one with a bereaved parent or grandparent requesting support. When possible, matches are made between people who have similar loss experiences, backgrounds, and/or cultural identities. 

One-to-one peer support relationships can be short term, or can turn into long-term connections. Regardless of the time spent together, this type of support can be extremely helpful for parents and grandparents, and very rewarding for volunteers.


General Volunteer


Dedicated volunteers are the backbone of an organization. Do you have a desire to contribute your time to our cause? Do you have a passion to help others and make a difference? Are you interested in helping behind the scenes in some way? Empty Arms is often looking for volunteers to assist with events, create memory boxes, and so much more. 



Volunteer Photographer


Baby loss photography provides an invaluable keepsake, a visual narrative of a child's brief and beautiful existence. Our talented photographers work alongside a bereavement companion to provide families with cherished memories captured in stunning photos.