Perinatal Loss Support Services


Empty Arms is a nonprofit organization passionate about providing support to individuals and families that experience grief and bereavement due to perinatal loss.


A future in which individuals and families who experience perinatal loss receive the best comprehensive care and support during each stage of bereavement and throughout their grief process.


Inclusive, respectful, and appropriate support.
Accessible, fair, and timely service.
Community and stakeholder engagement.
Honest and transparent conduct.
Empowering resilience in peers.

Birth & Bereavement Support

Pregnancy, miscarriage or pregnancy loss, infertility, and the postpartum period can tremendously challenge a woman's mental health.

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Family Support Services

The loss of an infant affects everyone in the family — mothers, fathers, siblings, and extended family members. Empty Arms recognizes that these family members are in need of support as well and offer a variety of infant loss family support groups.

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Remembrance Photography

Our professional photographers provide families with a keepsake that becomes a visual narrative of your baby’s brief and beautiful existence. We don’t get to decide when our babies leave, but we can choose to document their final moments with us.

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Additional Services


Infant loss support in Saskatoon

We are a peer-run organization offering pregnancy and infant loss support in Saskatoon and surrounding areas. We provide families with a strong foundation of support throughout their grief journey and work to ensure that family members feel supported.   

  We provide families with a strong foundation of support throughout their grief journey

Our certified birth and bereavement companions provide services designed to be:


  • Secular and non-affiliated, but fully respectful of diverse customs and beliefs.
  • Respectful of everyone’s individual grieving process during a pregnancy or infant loss.
  • Emotionally supportive as families navigate the health care system, funeral services.
  • Respectful of the need to honour the life and death of an infant and offer assistance in doing so. 

To ensure everyone has access to the support they need, our services are free of charge and are available before, during, and/or after the death of any little one.   

You and your family do not need to go through this difficult time on your own.

Empty Arms is here to help.