Lactation & Post-Partum Support

The grieving process doesn’t end once you’ve said goodbye to your little one and the road ahead can be painful, but it doesn’t have to be travelled alone. Empty Arms provides post-partum support in several specific areas that will help mothers through a difficult transition period. 

Lactation Support



After infant death, a woman’s body will still undergo the normal changes that occur post-partum, often including lactation.  Some mothers may want to suppress lactation, while others may find it therapeutic to pump and donate their breast milk. No matter what is most comfortable for the mother, our lactation educator is on board to provide postpartum breastfeeding support. We have the tools and resources to help with any option and will help connect loss mothers to our local milk drop-off centre


Post-partum support


Our post-partum support is part of the bereavement support families receive from our companions. They will follow-up with families and provide extended support over text, phone, or email, depending on the family’s preference. During these visits our companions are happy to provide families with tailored lists of local, online, and other resources suitable in their situation.  We also manage our own lending library that is full of books and printed materials that provide advice and perspectives on grief and baby loss for mothers, fathers, grandparents, and children.