Emotional Support

Our certified birth and bereavement companions are trained to provide emotional support after the loss of an infant that extends beyond their immediate needs at the hospital.

Our specialized bereavement support after infant loss includes, but is not limited to: 


  • Holding space for moms and families
  • Helping navigate the healthcare system
  • Providing resources and information to help facilitate informed decisions 


At the Hospital



Many of our birth and bereavement companions are trained doulas, which allows them to help parents through labour and the birthing process. They complement the roles of nurses, social workers, and chaplains. However, our companions are there for the sole purpose of supporting families through their darkest moments in the hospital, and therefore will not leave to attend to other duties. 



Our companions will be there to help parents understand their options, to help them navigate the medical and funeral systems, and to provide emotional support as parents make the most of their time with their little one, such as bathing and dressing the infant as well as taking hand and footprint impressions. If the baby lives for a short while in the NICU, our companions will also help parents make the most out of their time with their baby. 


Spending Time Together



In 2015, through the generous donation from the Kinsmen Club, Empty Arms was able to purchase a CuddleCot ™ to further provide emotional support after infant loss. This specialized cooling pad will fit any moses basket, crib, or bed, allowing families to take the time to create memories and form an important bond.

Spending time together by using a CuddleCot